About Us


Al-Azeem Enterprises is one of the largest & senior company in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Himalayan mineral rock salt products in Pakistan.
Al-Azeem Enterprises is exporting this god gifted Himalayan mineral rock salt products to United States, Central & South America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Far East ,South Asia,Africa,European countries like Germany, Belgium ,France, Switzerland, Nether land, Portugal,Italy, Spain , Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia Herzegovina , Czech Republic,Poland, Georgia and Russian Federation etc.
Sincerity in Business Always laid the foundation for a great relationship.
In any relationship, We must be willing to give, Share and support
Not Only, just take or receive.
We passionately believe that delivering high-quality products is fundamental to the success of every company. We are totally committed to understand and meet the quality needs and expectations of all our customers.
Ethical workmanship and customer satisfaction are paramount Products and services must be delivered on time. Continuous improvement and training are vital to ensure that our customers receive world-class products and services. Our management systems, practices, products, customers, and employees must be measured in terms of performance. We will continue to aggressively strive to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all things.

Al-Azeem Enterprises initiated its start-up in Pakistan with the vision of providing the best solutions to their customers. The goal of our company is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in order to build loyal relationships with them. Throughout all these years, Al-Azeem Enterprises has successfully achieved its goals and has become one of the most favourite Himalayan mineral rock salt products provider all around the world. The positive response from our customers encourages us to do the best for our customers.

Not just in Pakistan, we export our Himalayan rock salt to different countries all around the world in order to provide our customers with exactly what they need. This key point has made us our customers’ favourite all around the globe. We are working day and night on more innovative ideas in order to satisfy our customer needs in the best way possible.

We mine our salts from the Himalayas in Pakistan. The salt found there is famous for its purity and has been scientifically proven to be one of the purest salt in the world. The salt found in this mountain range is one of its kind and quite famous all around the world for its beautiful crafts. This purity of the salt allows us to provide our customers with the best quality products. We have designed a pure procedure in order to deliver these pure salt products to our customers on their doorsteps and let their homes or buildings have a natural touch.

We expertise in making products of different categories which include

  • Rock Salt Lamps
  • Bathing Salts
  • Salt crockery
  • Edible Salts
  • Detox Salt Plates
  • Decoration Pieces

To view all these products, you can visit our Products section in order to look at our rock salt products’ various varieties and you can examine them in more detail.

We specialize in products crafted from Himalayan mineral rock salts. These rock salts are carefully mined by our engineers and then sent to out high-tech industrial plants. The huge rocks are examined carefully and then each rock is assigned to different crafters in order to turn it into a piece of art. Our crafters are known for their detailed and delicate work, and their hand-finished products reflect their hard work.

We provide our customers with a huge variety of Himalayan salt products that vary in design, texture and quality. These products can be customised in any way according to the customer’s wish. This lets the customer play with their imagination and fulfil their artistic wishes via our services. Our customised salt lamps are famous among our customers and our bathing salts are widely used in some of the best spas around the world for a complete and natural purification process for the body. Bathing salts can be customized according to the customers’ bodily needs. Our salt crockery has proven to be strong during their usage periods and customers find themselves connecting to nature when they get served in it.

Our quality control procedures are very strict and we never compromise on our quality checks. It is made sure by our quality control officers that all the products are perfect once they are finished making. During the making procedures, different quality checks are carried out on the raw salt in order to make sure that it will end up with a fine product without any defects. The great quality of our products has made us our customers’ favourite. We always look forward to serving our customers in the best way possible because our top priority is customer satisfaction. Making the customer happy makes us happy.