Himalayan Salt Cubes 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Size: 1x1x1 inch


Al Azeem is Offering Himalayan Salt Cubes & Sticks


Chosen by AOL as one of the top food gifts and reviewed on The Today Show as one of the coolest top product pic, the Himalayan Salt Cube & Stainless IN ox Grater from Italy provides the perfect finishing salt for all dishes.

The IN ox stainless grater is superior over chrome plated or aluminum graters and because of the salt’s diamond like hardness –  using this grater means your only getting salt, not flakes of metal like other grinders on the market today.

When grated, Himalayan Salt flavor really blossoms – you can taste the sweet and salty subtle nuances of the minerals and trace elements, which is the taste you want from a pure, high mineral salt.   Try it on Edam me salads, steamed greens, pastas, bread dipped in oils, and more! Grater made of high grade Italian stainless. Each cube is hand-carved and varies in size.

NOTE: This product is produced in a VEGAN facility. We do NOT handle animal foods, wheat, nuts, shellfish, allergens, or other cross contaminants.  We are a dedicated facility and produce only our products.