Himalayan Salt Natural Shape Small Oil Burner

Item: Himalayan Salt Natural Shape Small Oil Burner


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Al Azeem is Offering Himalayan Salt Aroma Candle Oil Burner


The Himalayan salt natural oil burner absorbs water and particles from the air and takes positive ions with them. With the heat from the candle the salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air with negative ions which have a positive effect on the atmosphere and our bodies.

Health benefits of Himalayan salt

  • Improves mood
  • Salt crystals produce negative ions improving the quality of air you breathe
  • Increases positive energies in your surroundings
  • Helps reduce asthma symptoms
  • Helps boost energy levels
  • Known to improve headaches
  • Creates soothing and relaxing atmosphere
  • Larger lamps known to have shown more effective healing powers

How to use: Simply place the Himalayan salt oil burner on a dry surface and add a little water to the glass dish with your favorite essential oil The salt oil burner will give a soft warm glow and purify the surroundings as well as give off the beautiful aromas of the essential oils.

Caring for your oil burner: Do not wash or clean your salt oil burner with a wet cloth and keep it in a dry and non-humid place.  Use a dry cloth to wipe off all water / humidity before using it again.