Himalayan Salt Pillow For Neck Therapy

Item: Himalayan Salt Pillow For Neck Therapy

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Al Azeem is Offering Himalayan Salt Pillow

Have you ever wished you could shut out the noisy distractions and escape to a place—any place—where you could be alone Is your idea of a perfect vacation 3 days in a sensory deprivation tank? Now there’s a better way. Find a secluded corner, away from the office, the family, and the many distractions of life—and relax with So Well’s Himalayan salt pillows.

So Well has a Himalayan salt therapy pillow for every part of the body…

so say goodbye to stubborn aches, and start getting that relaxed, fresh-from-the-spa feeling in your very own home. If you’re like me, and you get tension headaches right around your overused “glaring muscles”, then you’ll love our Large Eye And Ear Pillow These little wonders can ease headaches by providing a gentle warming sensation that eases tense muscles, soothing headaches or ear aches, and relaxing away your daily angst. Just take our Eye and Ear Pillow and heat it at low heat (175 F) in the oven for only ten minutes. The heat will activate the 84 essential minerals locked in the pure Himalayan salt crystals embedded in your Eye and Ear Pillow.

It gets better. The next time you have those bags under your eyes that make you look like your High School chemistry teacher, you can ease this unsightly swelling by freezing—yes you heard me—freezing your Himalayan salt pillow. Don’t worry it can handle it. So feel free to shut out the world and overcome the hustle and bustle of daily life. Try freezing our Himalayan Eye and Ear Pillow so it’s ready to reduce swelling, ease sinus headaches, and soothe the migraine resulting from your daily commute.